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An appropriate option to relax in this weather is to rent a boat, catamaran or take a boat ride on the river. Samboat has explored the world on the water and discovered where and at what price you can offer water activities.

Rent a boat to move on

Each boat has its own office on the boat site. Which means that this rental starts at a port. The price is really discounted at the moment and the price table is very clear. It is cold season, and the most popular boat rental is on fresh water.

A rental point is located somewhere in this city. We will propose you a trip in double and quadruple catamarans or boats. The prices are affordable, the inventory doesn't mean it's new, but it's pretty solid. Floating café which, by the way, you can take care of a boat trip. It is worth paying tribute to this rental point that is most concerned about safety: you will be warned about skiing in the visibility area and you will receive safety vests. Finally, boat rental points are particularly popular.

Rental according to Samboat

Samboat is listed among the leaders in private boat rental companies. Everything is done online; from the choice of destination you can make a simulation on the site. The best service with an affordable price will be informed. The boat is included in the catalogue of the site with useful information and its rental price. If you have finished choosing your ideal boat, you should contact its owner directly to find out if this gear is available on the date you have chosen. If so, proceed with the boat rental request procedure at the site and wait for the answer.

A catamaran or boat trip is perfect for a romantic date or a friendly meeting. And near the rental point, you can rent a bike.

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