Admiring the beauty of Greece by yacht

Greece is a group of islands that deserve a real exploration with treasures to take away and the most authentic moments in the history of mankind. The beauty of each island is just irresistible and it's a trip not to be missed.

A world away from the crowds

Secret beaches, far from the crowds, hidden bays, demanding in their approach, which reward your efforts of labor during the work of a year. Greece is full of places of rare architecture, bathed in light, eternal customs, authentic flavors "tasteless." Islands beyond the ordinary and certainly, less popular and completely incredible, that's what we can Describe the landscape, the monuments and the treasures of our ancestors - places that only a few and the good ones know and appreciate. Discover a different Greece, see here the unexplored treasures of island Greece.

Ten days in Greece on a boat

Yes, 10 days are perfectly enough to admire a yacht charter greece in all its structure. From Alonissos which offers you a breathtaking holiday with a beautiful postcard as a souvenir photo. This place is charming, because nature lulls it with its generous praise.

Amorgos is an arid land with a clear blue for a Cycladic island and the beauty of tourists who discover themselves en masse. The villages of this island keep its authenticity with a beautiful preservation of its customs.

Ikaria is just the beauty of the festivities as well as beautiful green rocks naked on its rivers. With this beauty of wild vegetation, it is clear that there are still places on this earth where the man has not yet set foot.

Ithaca is a very sweet place and a yacht charter would be a good plan. It is discovered with its beautiful natural bays and a serenity that is found nowhere else.

Finally, our last getaway is the Kastellorizo, or the islands on the edge of the Dodecanese, whose nobility of history is still a beautiful diamond to discover.

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