The deep waters and islands of Croatia

As you might’ve heard, Croatia may be a country dotted with gorgeous bays alongside tranquil villages. Nothing is more invigorating than sailing round the islands across the crystal-clear waters of the sea! During this article, we shall mention a number of yacht charter splitwiththe simplest ports along the stunning coasts of Croatia.

Zlatni Rat Beach, Bol, Brač, Central Dalmatia

Zlatni Rat on the island of Brač can get crowded, but suck it up: this is often one among Croatia’s most fantastic pebble beach’s permanently reason. The gleaming spit of white shingle on Brač’s southern side is brushed by shimmering clear blue water ideal for windsurfers and scuba fans. When you’re done snorkeling, grab a chilly one at one among its many beach bars and take in the last of the day’s rays. You’ll love the hue that bathes Slating Rat because the sun bids the day farewell with its golden salute.

AharunBeach, Dugi Otok, North Dalmatia

Because you need a beach that shimmers with color? Welcome to Saharun hidden away on the island of Dugi Otok. A dark green belt of solemn-looking pine trees fringes the beach, where gleaming white pebbles provide a lighter more luminous contrast; then there’s the water, shallow, family-friendly and translucent in its various reminder turquoise, counting on where the sun is within the sky. You’ll want somewhere intriguing to remain on Dugi Otok. How about an apartment at a close-by lighthouse? There are two and that they get booked solidly in summer, but don’t dismiss a stay within the shoulder seasons.

Central Dalmatia

Pine trees stand guard at the rear of Punta Rana a pebble beach rated together of the foremost handsome of Croatia. A part of the Makarska Riviera, you’ll find Punta Rata ticks the boxes for both romantic water-side moments, crystalline in its clarity, and family gatherings at its beach bar. Look out for the large rock embedded with pine trees that stand on the western side of the beach: this is often the Brela Stone and a logo of the adjoining town.

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