The beauty of Greece and a yacht charter

Sailing in Greece is an amazing opportunity to discover the Greek islands. Leave the mainland and set sail to the Cyclades islands or the Dodecanese islands. You won't be disappointed. Once again, depending on your criteria, with Samboat you can find a skippered yacht or a bareboat. For example, if you want to have complete freedom on your sailing yachts, then a bareboat is the way to go. On the opposite, if you are more looking for a stress-free boating experience, planning absolutely nothing and just enjoy the sun on the dock of you hired boat, and then renting a boat with a Greek skipper will be the best solution. One of the main benefits of hiring a boat with a local skipper is that they know the sailing area the best.

Boat Availability

For sailors globally, yacht charter greece has always been one of the top destinations for yacht and boat rentals If you're looking for a weekly charter in one of the more popular ports like Athens, Lefkas, Corfu, if you'd like to depart from one of the Cyclades, you will have to book the boat well in advance. On average, more than 50% of the charters for Greece are already booked by March and more than 75% by the beginning of May. At SamBoat, we advise that you define your project and book a boat as early as possible. In some instances, you can book closer to the date of departure depending on the port, but the inventory decreases.

Price and Availability

In Greece, the long stretches of coast give you several dimensions of sailing allowing you to have more options when it comes to where you'd like to rent. Greece has always been well known as having several popular ports spread widely around the country. Because of the difference in sailing areas, the price can vary depending on your project. In general, the highest prices for rentals start at the end of May and go into the end of August. During this high period, the pricing may be higher due to the demand and favourable weather conditions.

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